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Q. What is an academic degree?

A). An academic degree, or college degree is a diploma from either a college or a university.

Q. What are the most common degrees?

A). The most common degrees are: 

Associate degree, which usually last for about two years.

Bachelor degrees usually last for four years however depending on your global location on the map, a Bachelor's degree can range anywhere from one to seven years.

Master degrees lasts anywhere from one to six years, with two to three years being the average time frame.

Doctoral degrees last from three to four years.                                                   

Q. How can a person attend college from home?

A). A person can attend college from home in two different ways:

Correspondence degree program coursework is recieved and returned through the mail. (usually takes longer than a online program).

Online degree program courses attended in the online environment and via email and video sessions.

Q. How do I apply for financial assistance for tuition and other educational expenses?

A). You can apply for financial assistance through Grants, Loans or Financial Aid offices to assist you in your college funding.

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